Women and Youth Creating their Own Opportunity: Saving for Change Project

End line evaluation report and Management response of SfC project in Cambodia, Women and Youth creating their own economic opportunity (November 2017)

Using an empowerment approach in building up community self-governing saving groups, the project worked to improve access to good quality basic education in finance, entrepreneurship and leadership. In the medium and longer term, it’s aims was to increase access to decent jobs and business ownership for disadvantaged groups of people living in 160 remote and rural villages, located in four provinces of Cambodia.

This evaluation examined the results of the project. The main specific objectives were, 1. Examine the progress against the project’s outcome indicators, comparing the end line with baseline; 2. Assess the current socio-economic situation of both Treatment Groups (TGs) and Control Group (CGs) and examine progress against the baseline; 3. Assess the level of the five DAC criterions: relevancy, efficiency, effectiveness, impacts and sustainability; and 4. Provide practical recommendations to ensure the project sustainability and input for the future program cycle.



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