Whatever It Takes: A rapid and massive increase in aid is needed to save millions of lives and bring our divided world together amid the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic will have devastating health, social and economic impacts in the world’s poorest countries. To measure up to this once-in-a-century crisis, save lives and build a better future, donors must urgently and massively increase international aid funds. Oxfam estimates rich countries’ fair share of aid in response to the crisis would be nearly $300bn, which represents less than 4% of the estimated total domestic stimulus pledged by rich nations. In order to limit the outbreak and save lives, this aid must prioritize supporting prevention measures, health systems, social protection and food security, while respecting principles for quality aid. It is also vital to reshape the future of aid to help build more equal and resilient societies, so that humanity is better prepared for future crises.


Julie Seghers



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