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Viv Tankou Moun

Viv Tankou Moun (a Kreyol phrase meaning "to live like a human being") is a survey of 16 camps of Haitian people displaced by the 2010 earthquake. This is an executive summary of the survey results in French followed by English.

From a peak of 1.5 million, the number of displaced people remaining in the camps that came into being after Haiti’s devastating earthquake of January 2010 has dropped significantly to around 358,000 nearly three years after the disaster. Despite the official end to the emergency phase of the crisis, conditions in the camps are deplorable and the people who remain are by and large those who are the least able to get back on their feet. This study was commissioned by Oxfam in order to gain a better understanding of the problem, particularly in the 16 sites in the commune of Delmas where Oxfam has provided water and sanitation services.

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