Tools for activists

  1. Tools for activists

    International Women's Day 2014 Action Guide

    Resources for Oxfam America volunteers

  2. Tools for activists

    Enough for Everyone

    Oxfam America's five-point plan to respond to the emerging food crisis and reduce food insecurity around the world.

  3. Tools for activists

    In harm's way: Oxfam America's game on rethinking natural disasters

    This exciting and interactive tool helps raise awareness of the causes and consequences of disasters, as well as the positive ways that communities can work to lessen the impact.

  4. Tools for activists

    Take Action: Global Food Crisis

    Already 854 million people on our planet suffer from hunger. Now, as food prices climb high and fast, conditions are becoming worse and threatening the well-being of millions more people.

  5. Tools for activists

    Take Action: Democratic Republic of Congo

    According to Jan Egeland, the UN humanitarian chief in DRC from 2003-06, casualties in Congo amount to "a tsunami every month, year in and year out, for the last six years." Yet since Egeland made this statement in 2005 about the crisis in Congo, the situation remains grim, and the Congolese people are being subjected to unrivaled brutality.

  6. Tools for activists

    Take Action: Fight for Climate Justice

    We've all seen the images on the evening news: the droughts, floods, hunger, and disease. Decades of greenhouse gas emissions have finally caught up with our climate—and it's the poorest among us who are worst affected.

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