R4 Rural Resilience Initiative

Quarterly Report | July - September 2016

The R4 Rural Resilience Initiative (R4) is a strategic partnership between Oxfam America (OA) and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). R4 was initiated in 2011 to respond to the challenges faced by food-insecure communities enduring increasingly frequent and intense climate disasters and other shocks. The program builds on the initial success of HARITA (Horn of Africa Risk Transfer for Adaptation), an integrated risk management framework developed by Oxfam America, the Relief Society of Tigray (REST), Ethiopian farmers and several other national and global partners.

This report provides an update on R4 activities from July to September 2016 and presents the results from the impact evaluation of R4 Senegal carried out to (i) document the achievements and challenges of R4 in the country, (ii) develop lessons learned, and (iii) provide recommendations to enhance the impact of R4 and mitigate any negative effects.



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