R4 Rural Resilience Initiative

Quarterly report | July - September 2012

R4 represents a new kind of partnership, bringing public- and private-sector actors together in a strategic, large-scale initiative to innovate and develop better tools to help the most vulnerable people build resilient livelihoods. R4 promises to leverage the respective strengths of its partners: Oxfam America’s capacity to
build innovative partnerships and the World Food Programme’s global reach and extensive capacity to support government-led safety nets for the most vulnerable people. This partnership will enable thousands more poor farmers and other food insecure households to manage weather vulnerability through an affordable, comprehensive risk management program that builds long-term resilience.

In this report we share key accomplishments during the July–September 2012 quarter, including the enrollment results for the 2012 agricultural season in Ethiopia, and present the regional level analysis conducted in Senegal in preparation of the pilot rollout in 2013.


Anna Kramer

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