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The dangers of militarized aid in Afghanistan

Militarized aid is not only wasteful and ineffective, it is putting Afghan lives at risk.  An estimated $1.7 billionn in development aid has flowed through the military (primarily US forces), with another $1.2 billion allocated for 2010.

The Afghan people have suffered three decades of conflict and disorder leaving the country the second poorest in the world. Donor countries need to improve the impact of international aid as a whole, much of which has been wasted and does not meet the basic needs of the people, many of whom are poor farmers. Aid should go to key sectors such as agriculture, education, and law and order, and to build the capacity of Afghan institutions, including at local level. Aid and, above all, the diplomatic effort with the Afghan government and international partners, must be focused on ensuring that good government and development goals are prioritised and effectively delivered.




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