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Save a life

You have the power to make a difference. Your support can save lives today and help families build a future free from poverty.

Your support today can save lives.

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Save a life: Millions face starvation. Now, more than ever, your support matters.

Save a life: Now, more than ever, your support matters.

Protect Community Rights and Resources Fact Sheet

Over 60 percent of the world's poorest people live in countries rich in natural resources—but they rarely share in the wealth. Too often, poor communities have no say in the extraction of resources from their land and receive little information about these projects.

But oil, gas, and mining projects don't have to add to poverty and powerlessness; in fact, they can help communities overcome these challenges.

More and more, poor people are asserting their right to decide if or how they want oil, gas, and mining development to take place in their community—and their right to know about the impacts and benefits of these projects.

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