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Poll of voters on COVID-19 relief package, February 2021

Poll finds substantial majority of voters in four states want the federal government to do more to help people struggling to cope with impact of COVID-19

In February 2021, Oxfam commissioned Hart Research and North Star Research to conduct a poll of voters in four states around support for elements of the proposed COVID-19 relief package. States included Arizona, Georgia, Maine, and New Hampshire.

The poll found that an overwhelming majority of voters across all demographics supports bold measures to boost family incomes and the economy. A vast majority in each state says the federal government needs to do more to make the economic downturn less severe and help people financially, rather than that the steps taken so far have been enough. Most think that boosting the economy and creating jobs is more important than preventing increases in the deficit.

The poll finds that most Democrats, Republicans, and Independents support investing in child care and mandating emergency paid sick leave; there is strong support for increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour, boosting federal unemployment benefits, and providing stimulus checks.

For full results of the poll, please contact [email protected].

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