Oxfam’s Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) Programs Mid-term Review

An external mid-term review of the second phase of Oxfam’s Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) programs

In April 2015 Oxfam launched the three year renewal of Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP), a complex international multi-sectoral funding platform with three strands of work aimed at (1) defending and improving aid of traditional aid donors, (2) influencing the development cooperation strategies of certain emerging economies, and (3) increasing the availability and improving the use of agricultural budgets for small-holder farmers. The focus of the mid-term review was on Oxfam’s Global LEAP work in 2015 and 2016 and the purpose was two-fold: (1) to identify lessons on which strategies and tactics have been effective in achieving Oxfam's objectives in various contexts; and (2) to demonstrate the level and type of influence Oxfam (with allies) has had on key development effectiveness policies and practices. The scope of the review included an overall assessment of the progress made and key lessons by strand. In addition, five case studies were conducted to provide a deeper review of progress and learning in particular countries and areas of work.

The review found that in all three strands Oxfam, working closely with allies, contributed to building wider awareness and understanding of key issues and influenced the outcomes of key policy and budget debates in the aid and development agenda. The review identified a number of relevant issues –strategic and internal process –for Oxfam to address in order to improve the effectiveness of LEAP teams.



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