OXFAMExchange Winter 2010

Ensuring Peace Of Mind?

In 2010, our path forward has as much to do with where we've been as where we are going. Seeing the global economic crisis as an opportunity to hone our work, last year Oxfam looked long and hard at what we do. We recognized that the soundest use of precious resources was to shore up our core strengths while investing in innovations that may yield even greater returns. This issue of OXFAMExchange reflects just that.

Virtually all of the stories are dedicated to the heart and soul of Oxfam: farmers and food security, human rights, and humanitarian relief. In each case, we are leveraging our greatest assets: deep analysis of conditions on the ground, strong collaboration across sectors, and the incomparable insight and determination of our partners in local communities.

Yet our path forward raises questions as we venture into new areas. For instance, as we ask on page 8: What do global corporations focused on their bottom lines and an aid group fighting poverty and social injustice have in common? More than you might think. We know what we do well and have no intention of leaving that behind. But we are not content to rest there: the proven strategies will not get us far enough fast enough in our struggle against poverty. What we are aiming for this year is to figure out how we can do even better.

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