OXFAMExchange Winter 2008

Hard Questions about Ghana's Gold Boom

2008 marks the launch of Oxfam America's work on climate change. In this issue of OXFAMExchange, learn about the vital role Oxfam has to play in this important area. Amid critical discussions of environmental risks, it is our responsibility to ensure that decision makers recognize that the world's poor people will bear the brunt of climate change—a cruel irony given that they have done comparatively little to contribute to the problem. Whether it is a discussion of strained natural resources in Darfur, the impact of gold mining in Ghana, or flooding in Cambodia, our on-the-ground experience has taught us that economic and environmental injustice go hand in hand.

In addition to details about Oxfam's work on climate change, you will also find deeper perspective on our ongoing work in Ghana focused on mining, an update on life in Darfur as the crisis continues with no end yet in sight, and a success story about a multicultural approach to fighting poverty in the mountains of Peru.

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