OXFAMExchange Winter 2004

The Market for Justice: Focus on Corporate Responsibility

The heart of Oxfam's mission will always reside in the remote pockets of the world where poverty persists. But today, Oxfam is making the connection between the coffee farmer in Guatemala who can't feed his children and the companies that profit from his crop. Or the dollar menu at your local fast food chain and the farmworker held in captivity. Or the gold ring on your finger and the mountains of toxic waste poisoning the Peruvian highlands.

This is not just about finger-pointing. True, corporations are often part of the problem. But as one of the most powerful sectors in our society, they are also a critical part of the solution. Oxfam is engaging some of the nation's largest corporations to take a hard look at their business models—to recognize the ways they are reinforcing poverty and the chance they have to make a world of difference.



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Oxfam CloseUp magazine

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