OXFAMExchange Fall 2008

A root revolution in Cambodia

Because 40 percent of the people on our planet live in poverty and Oxfam is working to change that, it's our job to highlight issues that are often overlooked in US politics. In this issue of OXFAMExchange, we've included some information at the end of each article to help you think about how the lives of people around the world are affected by our political choices here. Oxfam is nonpartisan: we ask all the candidates to take concrete steps toward finding lasting solutions to poverty and social injustice. The incoming administration will assume responsibility for a country in crisis—fighting two wars and an economic recession. These are undeniably difficult times. It is all too easy to feel that real change is nothing more than a pipe dream. When cynicism or doubt gets the better of us, we must all remember: Oxfam has always and will always invest most heavily in people's efforts to transform their own communities. The people featured in this issue leave no doubt that determination and innovation can create change—with or without strong federal leadership. And these successes are what keep us all going—these and your shared commitment to the possibility of a world without poverty and injustice.

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