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Oxfam CloseUp, Fall 2019

In this issue of CloseUp, you'll read about the fighting an uncertain climate, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and more.

Working to end the injustice of poverty is bold and ambitious work, yet together we’re making a tangible impact in so many lives. As you’ll read here, your support makes possible our work in the northern region of Ethiopia, where we’ve been helping farmers reduce their vulnerability to drought, as well as in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people are receiving water, food, clothing, and other essentials. The fruits of your partnership are also visible in northern Cambodia, where our local partner has trained women in indigenous communities to understand their basic rights to their land and identity. In Cambodia and everywhere we work, our advocacy for ethnic minorities, indigenous people, women, and others who are disempowered by governments and companies is central to our mission.

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