Oxfam America's Appropriations Advocacy Evaluation 2013 - Executive Summary

The executive summary of an evaluation of Oxfam’s efforts to protect poverty-focused foreign aid in the US federal budget appropriations.

In 2011, Oxfam America increased its engagement in the US federal budget appropriations process as a result of unprecedented efforts to cut poverty-focused foreign assistance funding by Congress, and the assumption that “must pass” Appropriations bills would provide key opportunities for policy reform in an increasingly dysfunctional Congress. About 18 months into the effort, we commissioned an external evaluation to assess (1) the extent to which Oxfam is contributing to the US budget appropriations debate and influencing policymakers, and (2) the effectiveness of Oxfam tactics in influencing key appropriations targets in Congress. 

In addition to the summary report, Oxfam's response to the evaluation is available.



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