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Oil for Development Uganda: Holding the Oil Industry to Account

Community monitors along the EACOP pipeline are holding big oil to account by documenting human rights violations and helping communities navigate the intricacies of the extractives sector.

Oxfam has been working in Uganda since 2014--with support from the Norwegian Cooperation Agency (NORAD)--to protect the rights of communities at the frontlines of oil, gas, and mining projects and ensure that any financial gains from these projects benefit those communities. Alongside local and national partners CRED, AFIEGO, NAVODA, COTFONE, and CSCO, Oxfam supports a network of human rights monitors in communities impacted by the EACOP to observe and document the impacts of the oil industry and raise concerns with companies and the government. The network has built collective agency and provides a platform for communities to defend their rights in the face of oil development.


Eloisa Devietti



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