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Inequality, Made in America

How Corporate America is Fueling our Inequality Crisis

For decades, the largest US corporations have been driving the inequality crisis, actively concentrating power and money in the hands of wealthy CEOs and shareholders while limiting the power of workers, influencing our politics, avoiding taxes, and accelerating climate change.

In an effort to assess the detrimental impacts large corporations can have on global inequality, Oxfam has released new research analyzing the largest 200 public US corporations. Looking across 78 indicators, this analysis finds that these corporations are:

  1. Extracting more money for already wealthy shareholders.
  2. Stiffing workers amidst corporate bonanzas.
  3. Reinforcing gender and racial inequality in the workplace.
  4. Worsening inequality through tax avoidance.
  5. Deepening the political divide.
  6. Putting profits over planet.





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