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Evaluation of the Phase II Extractive Industry (EI) and Gender Project Funded by the Hewlett Foundation

In both Zambia and the Dominican Republic (DR), bringing together women’s rights organizations (WROs) and extractive industry transparency and accountability (EITA) organizations has led to transformational outcomes, above all in collaboration and participation, resulting in incorporation of gender in stakeholders not traditionally focused on gender. Project participants claimed to have gained confidence and developed communication skills critical in their advocacy activities. There has been awareness raising on women’s rights and a community of women informed and gaining command of the field related to the extractives industry, plus understanding and use of the technical extractive industry (EI) lexicon. The project design was considered to be well conceived, and the implementation well carried out, even in the adverse conditions created by COVID-19 on communication and physical gathering and deployment of participants. This final evaluation of Phase II of the project, helps the staff and partners to build out further learning in our coming work on Gender and EI accountability and at the individual level, there has been impact that will last into the years to come despite the closure of the Oxfam in Dominican Republic office. This impact is in confidence, communication skills, awareness on women’s rights, and advocacy for EI transparency.


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