Evaluation of the Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) Program

An external evaluation of the first three years of Oxfam’s Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) programs funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The purpose of the evaluation is to contribute to Oxfam’s learning in two areas: Oxfam’s relative contributions to specific policy advocacy outcomes, and secondly to understand how Oxfam’s linking of national and global advocacy for policy change has yielded measureable added value. The evaluation report provides good and useful general conclusions and consideration for Oxfam and its thinking on future trans-national advocacy. The report indicates that LEAP has enabled Oxfam to make significant contributions to policies in favor of poverty reduction and enhancing global development. These achievements were facilitated by LEAP’s support to substantially increase Oxfam’s advocacy capacity in the South despite the challenging economic and political environments.



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