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Make equality real: Join the #GivingTuesday match challenge


Corporate Social Responsibility in the Mining Sector in Peru

Investment in mining is increasing in Peru. In order for mining to promote sustainable development among the poorest communities near mining concessions, the government must have clear policies to redistribute revenues to benefit local communities, an organized and responsible civil society must be involved in important decisions about policies, and mining companies must operate in responsible ways.

This report explores the basic concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and explores key social issues the mining industry must face in Peru. It includes a summary of the main national and international regulations, standards, and guidelines that will help Peru’s mining sector implement essential aspects of a good CSR program.

The report also recommends that the government, mining industry, and civil society jointly develop reference guides for employment, land acquisition and voluntary resettlement, public consultation, participatory monitoring, and social investments.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Mining Sector in Peru seeks to take a first step towards meaningful dialogue about CSR among the different actors involved to help civil society obtain the highest benefits from CSR policies and actions implemented by government and corporations.



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