R4 Rural Resilience Initiative

Quarterly report | April - June 2013

After two successful years of implementation , in 2013, R4 has entered its third year of implementation. In Ethiopia this season, R4 expanded its operations to a new region Amhara with a pilot in one village, while expanding to 79 villages in Tigray. A total of 20,365 farmers purchased insurance this year exceeding the goal of 90,000 this year. The Amhara pilot is being implemented in partnership with the Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA); the Relief Society of Tigray (REST) continues to implement R4 in Tigray. 

In Senegal, R4 has begun the pilot implementation for the 2013 agricultural season in 12 villages in the Koussanar communauté rurale covering 500 households - thus supporting 3,000 beneficiaries. The R4 Senegal team has also developed the 2014 Scale-up Plan and has identified the areas where R4 will be expanded to in 2014.


In this report we share key accomplishments during the April-June 2013 quarter, present the Senegal Scale-up Plan for 2014, and provide enrollment results for the 2013 roll-out in Ethiopia.



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