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Make equality real: Join the #GivingTuesday match challenge


Bringing Innovation to Scale

A synthesis of learning from four projects of the Economic Innovations Incentives Fund.

This report synthesizes learning from four Oxfam America projects undertaken with support from the Economic Innovation Incentives Fund (EIIF).  The EIIF projects seek to promote institutional learning and develop innovation in climate change adaptation.  They are also designed specifically with a view towards scaling up impact: the question of which individual innovations developed with EIIF funding are worthy of scale up, and how that process can take place, was a central concern.  Building on research from four country reports, in Mali, Ethiopia, Peru and Cambodia, the report seeks to address the following  questions:

  • What can we say about approaches and techniques in funding and learning from innovation projects?  What was successful and should be replicated and what were some of the less successful areas and pitfalls?
  • What were some of the lessons learned around Oxfam’s support for climate change adaptation, given our values and mission as well as our operating model?



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