Annual reports

  1. Annual report

    Annual Report 2009

    In 2009, Oxfam America addressed the still-uncertain fund-raising environment by making tough choices about how to invest our resources. Thus far, we have weathered the financial and economic downturn well and have been able to meet our commitments to the people Oxfam serves.

  2. Annual report

    Annual Report 2008

    In an economic climate in which businesses are "going back to basics" and retrenching, Oxfam America finds itself in a unique position. We're optimistic. Those of us in the relief and development business know that good times are often followed by bad, rainy seasons by drought, peace by war. It's fair to say that we adapt readily in crises.

  3. Annual report

    Annual Report 2007

    Oxfam America's financial results for the year continued to build upon the successes of prior years and have positioned us well for future growth of our program activities and fulfillment of our mission. In 2007, unrestricted contributions grew 15 percent to $36.5 million from $31.7 million in 2006. Total net assets grew by $9.9 million in 2007. Total expenses grew in 2007 by $5.6 million. For the year, program-related expenses represented 80 percent of our total expenses.

  4. Annual report

    Annual Report 2006

    Oxfam America's 2006 financial results reflect the growing confidence of donors and partners in our approach to development, humanitarian work, advocacy, and public education. Excluding the influx of tsunami-related contributions of $30 million in 2005, total revenues for Oxfam America and the Oxfam America Advocacy Fund increased 37 percent this past year—from $49 million in 2005 to $67 million in 2006.

  5. Annual report

    Annual Report 2005

    Oxfam America revenues for 2005 set a record at just over $79 million. This represents tremendous growth both in revenues--a $39 million increase over revenues from 2004--and in numbers of people like you who make up the Oxfam family.

  6. Annual report

    Annual Report 2004

    Oxfam America revenues for 2004 totaled just over $30 million. We thank the more than 170,000 donors who remain steadfastly committed to our mission, and we welcome the tens of thousands of new donors who contributed funds exceeding $30 million in response to the tsunami.

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