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Annual Report 2009

In 2009, Oxfam America addressed the still-uncertain fund-raising environment by making tough choices about how to invest our resources. Thus far, we have weathered the financial and economic downturn well and have been able to meet our commitments to the people Oxfam serves.

Soon after 2009 ended, a powerful earthquake struck Haiti; Haitians immediately began piecing their lives back together, reminding us that all around the world—despite the economic downturn—people fighting to overcome poverty are not waiting idly for help; they want to be agents of their own change, creating solutions to their own problems.

Thanks to the support of our extremely committed donors, Oxfam’s unrestricted contributions in 2009 were higher than we had anticipated, producing a net increase in unrestricted assets. As we have continued to put to work the monies raised through the Campaign for Oxfam America and through other large restricted contributions made before 2009, we have seen our temporarily restricted net assets shrink. In all, Oxfam America fared comparatively well during a year of financial turmoil and uncertainty. We count ourselves fortunate.


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