Annual Report 2018

We are delighted to report on a full and exhilarating year. We set ambitious targets, and we are tremendously grateful to you for allowing us to amplify Oxfam America’s work.

With your partnership, we have used our local-to-global knowledge, experience, and advocacy to join with others to take action. We challenged the draconian Muslim ban and the threats to people seeking temporary protected status. We fought tirelessly in support of refugees. We launched a humanitarian and advocacy response in Puerto Rico, when the US government’s response was inadequate. And we deepened our work on tax justice and highlighted the harm of increasing inequality. We also continued to push the US government to use its muscle to prevent civilian harm and human rights violations in Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, and elsewhere.

Together with you, we have focused on the policies, rhetoric, and actions that are undermining the rights, hopes, and opportunities of so many. With your support, we will continue determinedly, positively, and, as appropriate, provocatively to right the wrongs. 

Read four examples of how you and Oxfam are making a difference.



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Annual report