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Annual Report 2017

More than any year we can think of, this one—fiscal year 2017—highlighted for us the urgency of all that we do here at Oxfam, and all that you, our donors, do to make that essential work possible.

It was a year of great trial, change, and unrelenting determination. The global challenges we focus on—poverty, injustice, food insecurity, conflict, inequality, climate change—triggered humanitarian crises of historic proportions and fueled a vast migration of women, men, and children seeking safety. At a time when compassion and the embrace of humanity were needed most, waves of isolationism and xenophobia rocked national politics in the US, the UK, and beyond. It was a year that both devastated and galvanized us.

But from it, one undeniable truth emerged: Our mission is now more relevant than ever. In a world as rapidly changing as ours has become, we stand for the most worthy of imperatives: the elimination of systemic injustice and the poverty it breeds.



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