Corporate driven inequality

The largest US corporations are making more money than ever. They have gone largely unphased by the recent crises (COVID, inflation) that have disrupted the lives of millions of people. In fact, corporate profits have driven inflation, hurting especially vulnerable people in company operations, value chains and in the communities where they operate. Many of the largest US corporations are today bigger and more profitable than ever.

Oxfam works to decrease the impact of corporate driven inequality by engaging investors to move capital towards more equitable and sustainable investments. Working with communities around the world, Oxfam provides investors with information and data about how companies actually operate.

We also work to pass legislation and regulations that increase corporate disclosures, ensure strong corporate governance and accountability, and incentivize alternative business models that are more equitable.

  1. Briefing paper

    Inequality, Made in America

    How Corporate America is Fueling our Inequality Crisis

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  2. Research

    Corporate Inequality Framework

    How do the largest US corporations contribute to inequality?

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  3. Research

    Oxfam's Corporate Inequality Framework

    Investor Use Guide

  4. Research

    Getting Ahead of the Curve on Dynamic Materiality: How U.S. investors can foster more inclusive capitalism


Other resources

  1. Briefing paper

    Power, Profits and the Pandemic: From corporate extraction for the few to an economy that works for all

    The worsening inequality crisis triggered by COVID-19 is fuelled by an economic model that has allowed some of the world’s largest corporations to funnel billions of dollars in profits to shareholders, giving yet another windfall to the world’s top billionaires, a small group of mostly white men. At the same time, it has left low-wage workers and women to pay the price of the pandemic without social or financial protection. Since the onset of the pandemic, large corporations have put profits before workers’ safety, pushed costs down the supply chain and used their political influence to shape policy responses. COVID-19 should be the catalyst for radically reining in corporate power, restructuring business models with purpose and rewarding all those that work with profits, creating an economy for all.

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