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Change a life

Help families find safety and escape poverty. You have the power to make a difference.

You have the power to make a difference.

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CHANGE A LIFE: Millions of people forced to flee their homes for safety. You can help.

Families forced to flee home. You can help.



The American Dream through the eyes of one refugee

Violence, persecution, and war have forced more than 65 million people to flee their homes. As Uyen Nguyen shares here, their search for safety and a new home can take decades. Her story underscores the precarious position many refugees face, especially given the Trump administration’s decision to reduce the number of refugees entering the US.


Pham Thi Hau and the street vendors of Hanoi

For Pham Thi Hau, a street vendor in Hanoi, work goes well beyond selling brooms. She helps migrant workers learn about their rights, social and health benefits that are their due, gender equity, and how to raise their voices to help others.

First Person blog

Farmers are also innovators

Le Thi Anh, a vegetable and chicken farmer in Vietnam, proves once again that we need to help local farmers share their innovative ideas, because they are usually the best ones. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+