United States

Oxfam's work in the US, particularly in the Gulf Coast, ranges from humanitarian disaster recovery, following Hurricane Katrina; to ecosystem restoration, following the BP oil spill; to workforce training as a means to get out of poverty.

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Oxfam's Favorite Feel-Good Songs

Oxfam's musician friends and staff share the music that kept us feeling hopeful this year. Check our Spotify playlist of Songs That Made Us Press Play in 2021.

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What I'm thankful for

Oxfam staff, musician friends, and Sisters on the Planet ambassadors share their appreciation for climate activists, vaccines, and more.

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Raising our voices to demand an end to Title 42

After months of campaigning for a more humane immigration system, Oxfam has taken a big step forward in collective action against Title 42, the cruel and unlawful policy used to send asylum seekers back into harm's way. More than 11,000 of you joined us to demand the Biden administration put an end to Title 42.


Poverty in the US

Poverty endures in the US, trapping millions of people without hope of mobility for themselves or their children. Oxfam exposes the injustice of poverty in such a wealthy nation, and offers pragmatic solutions to chronic problems.

Our work in the US
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