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Oxfam's work in the US, particularly in the Gulf Coast, ranges from humanitarian disaster recovery, following Hurricane Katrina; to ecosystem restoration, following the BP oil spill; to workforce training as a means to get out of poverty.

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Child care is infrastructure

In partnership with CLASP, NABTU, SEIU, and NWLC, Oxfam is calling on Congress to fund affordable, accessible child care and help ensure living wages for providers and all workers.

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Tax Day 2022: your petition signature in action

This Tax Day, we’re taking your petition signature to the Biden administration and Congress and letting them know it’s time to tax the rich and invest in lifting people out of poverty.

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Inflation, greed, and Corporate America’s war against workers (and consumers)

The recent struggle in Major League Baseball (MLB) between owners (employers) and workers (players) illustrated once again how big corporations are driven only by the bottom line (profits). Consider that when you go to the store and balk at high prices; corporations are cashing in on this moment of anxiety by jacking up prices for no reason other than greed.

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Oh, hey, it’s Equal Pay Day–again

Here we go again, the date when we notice that the gender wage gap in the US is still hanging around. As we call it out this year on March 15, let’s ask why it’s so stubborn–and what the heck we can do about it.


Poverty in the US

Poverty endures in the US, trapping millions of people without hope of mobility for themselves or their children. Oxfam exposes the injustice of poverty in such a wealthy nation, and offers pragmatic solutions to chronic problems.

Our work in the US
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