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Six years of fighting have devastated Syria, a thriving, middle-income country prior to the start of conflict in 2011. Close to half a million people have been killed, 11 million people have abandoned their homes, and millions more are in desperate need of help.

A quarter of the pre-war population has crossed into Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq, in an attempt to look for safety—that’s an average of 2,500 people crossing the border every day for the past five years. More than 70% of refugees in Lebanon and 86% in Jordan live below the national poverty line.

Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan was first established to be a temporary housing solution at the beginning of the Syria crisis in 2012 to deal with the influx of refugees. Six years later, Za’atari is now Jordan’s 4th largest city and home to about 80,000 Syrians

In Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, we are helping more than 1.5 million people with life-saving clean water, sanitation, and vital support for families who have lost everything.

In many cases in Jordan and Lebanon, our support has included cash and relief supplies, such as blankets and stoves in winter and vouchers for hygiene supplies in summer. We are also helping families get the information they need about their rights and connecting them to special services such as legal aid.

In addition, we have built blocks of bathing stalls and toilets for families living in refugee camps or in informal settlements. We are also developing piped water networks for the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan and for host communities in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

We are also advocating for The United States government to do its part to help resettle Syrian refugees. The US is falling far short of contributing its “fair share”, and is only getting worse as the number of refugee arrivals hits an all-time low. Though President Trump’s discriminatory travel ban continues to be struck down in court, thousands of refugees are left in legal limbo.

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