El Salvador

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”Water won out over gold” in El Salvador

For over a decade, Oxfam America supported Salvadoran civil society organizations by monitoring mining-related activities and has worked to raise awareness of the OceanaGold case with members of the US Congress, who have expressed concerns about mining’s potential impacts in the country. Last week, the country made a historic decision.


Suyapa Maldonado: a lifelong struggle for justice

Since she was a child, Suyapa Maldonado has made fighting for the most vulnerable her core mission—and not even hurricanes and the most powerful El Niño on record will make her waiver.

Politics of Poverty blog

Hurricanes don’t stop at the county line

Leaders in Puerto de La Libertad, a community frequently in the path of disasters, have taken preparedness into their own hands and it's making all the difference.

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