Change Lives: Now, more than ever, your support matters.
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Change a life

Now, more than ever, your support matters. Help refugees seeking safety and families struggling to overcome poverty. Give today.

Help families struggling to overcome poverty.

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People like you change lives

Nearly one out of every three people on our planet lives in poverty. But caring individuals like you and Oxfam see a future in which no one does. Your generosity allows us to reach tens of millions of people a year with life-changing assistance. Oxfam has been a trusted partner to families around the world for more than 70 years—saving lives during emergencies, supporting rural farmers, empowering women, and advocating for peoples’ rights. But we can’t do it alone. Please make a tax-deductible donation today.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


Sexual violence in DR Congo

Oxfam's striking short film, shot in eastern Congo in 2008, elevates the stories of women working to overcome brutality and asks viewers to take action by joining a growing community of people who will not stand by any longer.


An aid worker's diary from Congo

Helen Hawking, Oxfam's public health coordinator in eastern Congo, relates her day-by-day experiences coping with the crisis. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+