Change Lives: Now, more than ever, your support matters.
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Now, more than ever, your support matters. Help refugees seeking safety and families struggling to overcome poverty. Give today.

Help families struggling to overcome poverty.

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Nearly one out of every three people on our planet lives in poverty. But caring individuals like you and Oxfam see a future in which no one does. Your generosity allows us to reach tens of millions of people a year with life-changing assistance. Oxfam has been a trusted partner to families around the world for more than 70 years—saving lives during emergencies, supporting rural farmers, empowering women, and advocating for peoples’ rights. But we can’t do it alone. Please make a tax-deductible donation today.

Change lives: Now, more than ever, your support matters.

Change lives: More than ever, your support matters.

Conflict in Sudan

A woman and her child at Kalma refugee camp. Photo by Eva-Lotta Jansson/Oxfam America

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The conflict in Sudan between the government and rebel groups has killed untold numbers of people and triggered massive displacement. Oxfam and partners are responding to urgent needs while also contributing to longer-term solutions.

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How we're responding

Updated March 2015

Conflict between the Sudanese government and rebel groups—as well as tribal disputes—has resulted in massive civilian death and displacement in Sudan. Oxfam and partners are working to assist more than 400,000 people in Darfur. Our goals: meet urgent emergency needs where we can, and—by boosting health, nutrition, and incomes, and reducing risks—help conflict-affected communities get back on their feet.

In Darfur

New violence

Armed conflict uprooted around 400,000 people in Darfur between January and August 2014. Oxfam and partners quickly reached more than 100,000 people with essential aid—clean water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene materials, as well as other relief supplies. In early 2015, a new wave of violence is sweeping across the region, and we are once again reaching out to families in need with emergency materials and services.

Protecting health

Meanwhile, our ongoing programs are assisting people displaced by earlier conflict. Oxfam America has been working with community members to provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene programs to more than 400,000 people in camps and villages in Darfur. Our water engineers are helping maintain the wells, pumps, tanks, pipes, and taps that deliver treated water to the settlements, and our sanitation and public health staff are ensuring that camp residents have latrines, bathing areas, soap, water cans, and access to the information they need to stay healthy under challenging conditions. To create a more sustainable system, we are actively helping camp communities learn to manage the water, sanitation, and hygiene education systems themselves before the end of 2015.

Building resilience

The armed conflict in Darfur has persisted for more than a decade, and many of those who have survived the violence continue to struggle to meet their families’ most basic needs. In several hard-hit communities, Oxfam and our partners have undertaken multifaceted programs aimed at easing poverty and malnutrition, and reducing deadly risks.

  • We are helping farmers gain access to high-quality seeds, and new techniques for cultivating and storing their crops and conserving soil and water.
  • We have begun helping communities form Saving for Change microfinance groups that encourage savings and investment, and provide loans to members who want to start or grow small businesses.
  • We have undertaken a program to improve hygiene practices and nutrition in rural communities through a grassroots network of women, with a special focus on protecting the health of children under five and pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • An international early-warning system has forecast a harsh “lean season” this year in conflict-affected areas of Darfur. In some vulnerable communities, Oxfam and partners are providing cash and vouchers to enable people to purchase food; we will also offer veterinary services and other agricultural support to contribute to longer-term solutions.
  • We are helping communities restore the skills and culture of peace-building, and rebuild relationships that have become volatile in Darfur’s conflict-affected environment.
  • We will soon be supporting development of early-warning systems to enable communities to prepare for emergencies and mobilize effectively when they occur.

In all our work, Oxfam and partners are looking for ways to bring the concerns, well-being, and leadership of women to the forefront, and we are working to create programs that can be led and sustained by the communities that most need them.In all our work, Oxfam and partners are looking for ways to bring the concerns, well-being, and leadership of women to the forefront, and we are working to create programs that can be led and sustained by the communities that most need them.

Stand by the people of Sudan with a gift to the Sudan Crisis Relief and Rehabilitation Fund.

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