Natural resources and rights

While natural resources can generate wealth, countries that depend on this wealth often suffer greater corruption, social unrest, and human rights violations. We believe people have a right to participate in decisions that affect their lives.


Celebrating strong mothers from around the world

On Mother’s Day, Oxfam salutes the powerful women we've met. From community activists to mothers recovering from natural disasters to grandmothers caring for multiple generations, these women are models of resilience, determination, and ingenuity.

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The Land Invaders

In their rush for land in Peru, investors and local officials are grabbing land from poor villagers and contributing to deforestation in the Amazon. Two communities are defending their land rights with the help of Oxfam's determined local partners.

Immersive story

2017: How you and Oxfam are making a difference

All year long, we reach out to you with news about some of the world’s poorest people and the challenges they confront, whether triggered by disaster or entrenched in the social injustices of day-to-day life. And all year long you respond with compassion for those people and support for the Oxfam programs that help them help themselves. Here are stories about how your generosity is making a difference in countless lives.

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