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Following devastating earthquake, Oxfam sends shipment of aid to Ecuador

By Oxfam
Photo: David Llera/Oxfam

Oxfam has deployed humanitarian teams and aid to Ecuador following devestating earthquake. 

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake (Richter scale) struck Ecuador on April 18, killing at least 413 people and injuring more 2,600 people. The President has also estimated that the earthquake inflicted over $2 billion in damages that would take years to recover from. The epicenter was in Canton de Muisine in the Esmeralda Province about 170 kilometers away from the capital city Quito along the northwest coast. On Sunday OCHA released a statement saying that they expect approximately 1 million people will be affected. Some of the most devastated towns include Pedernales, Portoviejo, and Manta in Manabi province, Muisne in Esmeraldas province, and Guayaquil in Guayas Province.

Oxfam has mobilized two tons worth of aid including the tools necessary to secure basic hygiene and clean water in affected communities is currently on its way to the region. Oxfam has also deployed a 7-person team to the most affected areas to assess the damage and determine the most effective way to work with local partners to support the government’s response.

“Our main purpose now is to get to the people who are most vulnerable to worsening health conditions, because sanitation services have been badly affected and in some cases destroyed. We will also promote preventive measures to help people avoid diarrhea and other vector transmitted diseases,” said Enrique Garcia, Oxfam’s humanitarian coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Help provide lifesaving aid to earthquake survivors. 

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