Saving lives

  1. Brief

    Lake Chad's unseen crisis

    In a little known part of the world called the Lake Chad Basin, a violent seven-year conflict originating in Nigeria is causing untold misery and suffering for millions of people.

  2. Research

    A World At Risk: Humanitarian Response At A Crossroads

    A dramatic increase in protracted conflict and displacement combined with an ever-increasing number of natural disasters has resulted in widespread human suffering, loss of dignity, dashed hopes and death.

  3. Brief

    El Niño in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia is facing a massive drought and food insecurity crisis as a result of failed rains and droughts that have been worsened by the 2015 El Niño, which in itself has been supercharged by climate change. Urgent humanitarian action is needed now to support millions of people who have lost food, water and livelihoods, and long-term investment is needed so that communities can become more resilient and reduce their vulnerability to weather events in the future.

  4. Brief

    Righting the Wrong: Strengthening local humanitarian leadership to save lives and strengthen communities

    Tens of millions of people receive vital humanitarian aid every year, but millions more suffer without adequate help and protection, and their number is relentlessly rising.

  5. Brief

    Solidarity with Syrians

    The arrival of tens of thousands of Syrians to Europe’s borders and the shocking deaths of women, children and men on their perilous journey has been a sharp reminder to the international community of the tragedy engulfing the people of Syria. Syrians put themselves and their families at so much risk only out of sheer desperation.

  6. Research

    Humanitarian key facts

    Oxfam is one of the world’s leading providers of aid in humanitarian emergencies. In 2014–15, it supported more than 8 million people in crisis.

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