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In this unprecedented time, communities around the world are struggling to cope. Now, more than ever, your monthly gift can help us respond to the needs of those who are most vulnerable during this global pandemic while keeping our ongoing lifesaving projects on track.

You have the power to make a difference.

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Help protect people vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 in the US and around the globe.

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COVID-19: Not the
Great Equalizer

A proposal to combat injustice and save lives

We are living through a crisis that touches all of humanity in an unprecedented way. As governments and organizations around the world race to curb the spread of the coronavirus and stem its economic fallout, we find ourselves on the frontlines fighting to keep our loved ones safe while supporting our friends and neighbors.

Oxfam’s mission to save lives and end the injustice of poverty everywhere has never been more urgent. In order to end this crisis, we must fight for everyone, and we must fight together.

We are asking you to consider a donation to Oxfam's COVID-19 Fund. Your support will make a powerful statement, telling people globally that you are with them in this fight, and that you believe a more just and equal future is possible.

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We know from our experience fighting Ebola that with rapid action this disease can be stopped. But we must act now and on a scale never seen before.

José María Vera
Oxfam International

The COVID-19 pandemic imperils the lives of billions of people around the globe, and the economic fallout threatens to push 500 million more people into poverty.

With decades of experience in humanitarian response, we know what it takes to save lives in a crisis and to prevent the spread of a deadly disease like COVID-19.

We also know what it takes to make lasting change. It is not enough just to survive this pandemic and return to the status quo. We must address, once and for all, the deeply broken and unequal systems that concentrate wealth and power in the hands of the few, and as a result trap millions of people in poverty – making them especially vulnerable in a crisis like the one we face today.

Working hand in hand with community and women-led organizations, international agencies, and government officials, and driven forward by a powerful network of supporters like you – Oxfam is launching a global movement to save lives today and build a more equitable, more just world for the future.

2.6 million people live in refugee camps.
5.7 million people live in the world's five largest slums.
3.4 billion people live on less than $5.50 per day.

Saving Lives

Millions of marginalized people are struggling to stay afloat, stay healthy, and survive. Now is not time for half-measures and incremental tweaks. Now is the time for decisive and audacious action to build fairer, more sustainable economies.

Abby Maxman
Oxfam America

Influencing for an Equitable Response and a Better Future

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