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Help protect people vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19 in the US and around the globe.


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When a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic hits, the poorest communities - here in the US and around the world - suffer the worst effects. Women and girls usually bear a disproportionate burden of care in a crisis like this one.

Research by Oxfam indicates as many as 12,000 people could die per day by the end of the year as a result of hunger linked to COVID-19, potentially more than could die from the disease.

That’s why we are working with partners to reach more than 14 million people in more than 60 countries and the US to prevent the spread of the disease in vulnerable communities and support people’s basic food needs and livelihoods.

You can help create a more just response to the pandemic, and ensure policies and actions help those most vulnerable to the crisis.


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Learn more about how we can get a people's vaccine

Your ability to stay safe and healthy should never be dictated by the amount of money in your pocket. That’s why when a COVID-19 vaccine is ready, it must be a people’s vaccine. Learn more about how to make a free, fair, and accessible vaccine to end the pandemic.

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Please join us in standing up and saying we must do more to help poor people in the US and around the world.

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Oxfam has been collaborating together virtually—with partners, experts, activists—to explore the impacts of the pandemic and to organize for a just and equitable response and recovery.

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Oxfam is working with partners in more than 60 countries and here in the US to meet the needs of those who are suffering the worst impacts.

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