Conflict in South Sudan

Conflict in South Sudan

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The world's newest nation is in the grip of a major food crisis triggered by conflict. Oxfam is rushing food and clean water to families that have fled their homes, and we are advocating for an end to the violence.

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The guardians of South Sudan

Acts of kindness and bravery offer hope in a country where conflict has helped to trigger a severe food crisis.

How we're responding

Updated October 2014

The violence that erupted in South Sudan in mid-December 2013 has sent more than a million people fleeing for their lives. More than four million are now in urgent need of assistance—among them young children, who are at risk of malnutrition-related disease and death.

Oxfam is responding inside South Sudan—in the locations shown in the map above—and in neighboring Uganda and Ethiopia, where many people have taken refuge. 

In South Sudan, where there has already been a deadly outbreak of cholera, Oxfam is providing clean water through a network of wells, tanks, pipes, and taps; in some cases, we deliver water by truck. To improve sanitation, we are digging latrines and managing waste disposal, and to help families practice safe hygiene, we are distributing materials like soap and sanitary pads, and sharing information about how to prevent waterborne disease.

To help vulnerable families meet their urgent food needs, we are distributing food, fuel-efficient stoves, and vouchers for charcoal; we are also providing vulnerable families with cash so they can buy essentials from their local markets. We have distributed seeds and tools to help thousands of struggling farmers feed their families, and we have provided many households with solar lamps - part of our work to reduce the risks faced by women and girls in the crowded camps.

In Uganda and Ethiopia, Oxfam is providing clean water and sanitation facilities to refugees and promoting safe hygiene practices. In Uganda, we are also distributing fuel-efficient stoves, farming tools, and vegetable seedlings, and providing short-term employment to help people restart their incomes. 

In all, Oxfam is reaching more than 350,000 people with assistance in this crisis.

But our work goes beyond providing direct aid: Oxfam has been advocating for an end to the violence and for a global surge in the aid effort to avert catastrophic levels of hunger and suffering.

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