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  1. Impact update

    Access to credit gives farmers new opportunities

    Widespread drought in Ethiopia has left many farmers without crops this harvest season, but through Oxfam’s rural resilience program, some growers are exercising new entrepreneurial muscle.

  2. Impact update

    Pumping water with the help of the sun

    In three camps for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, a new network of solar-powered pumps is helping to ensure families have plenty of clean water.

  3. Impact update

    Banking on grain

    A simple structure helps farmers store their harvests, allowing them to get both better prices and better access to loans, and helps a village fight hunger.

  4. Impact update

    Shifting 'a state of fear'

    Supporters often tell us that it’s hard to understand how advocacy makes a difference in the lives of poor people. While the work takes time, it does have an impact. One groundbreaking report from Oxfam and a partner is changing the lives of farmworkers.

  5. Impact update

    Philippines Typhoon: November 2014 - one year on

    In the year since Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, Oxfam’s response has reached more than 865,000 people. Following the emergency phase of our work, we are now helping Filipinos with their long-term recovery and rehabilitation.

  6. Impact update

    Hard Work and Water Grow a Business

    In Cambodia, a way to save money helps a farmer start a new business and improve her standard of living.

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