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  1. Impact update

    Hard Work and Water Grow a Business

    In Cambodia, a way to save money helps a farmer start a new business and improve her standard of living.

  2. Impact update

    Filipino farmers adapt to take on climate change

    In Oxfam's Climate Resiliency Field Schools, growers like Josephine Alad-Ad are learning how to adapt to climate change by using new farming practices and diversifying their crops.

  3. Impact update

    Irrigation comes with big challenges and bigger rewards

    In Ethiopia, a reliable source of water for crops means new opportunities for farmers and their families.

  4. Impact update

    Clean water at the right location

    Learning from experience in Haiti, Oxfam treats water at wells in the center of villages in Senegal.

  5. Impact update

    Tools to tackle a food crisis

    As hunger swept the Sahel, Oxfam launched programs to help 1.3 million people.

  6. Impact update

    Farmers are not alone

    Oxfam brings together rice farmers from Haiti and Vietnam to learn innovative growing techniques and encourage their governments to support lower-cost, more environmentally friendly agriculture.