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  1. Annual report

    Annual Report 2013

    Oxfam America distinguishes itself because we ask the right questions. We ask hard questions. Not just of the US government, corporations, and political leaders in the countries where we work—but of our partners around the globe and, most important, of ourselves. We also pursue answers vigorously and develop innovative approaches to reducing poverty. This year has been no exception.

  1. OXFAMCloseup magazine

    OXFAMCloseup, Winter 2014

    Farmers who dare

  1. Impact update

    Irrigation comes with big challenges and bigger rewards

    In Ethiopia, a reliable source of water for crops means new opportunities for farmers and their families.

  1. Fact sheet

    A Way of Life at Risk

    How the BP oil spill has threatened the culture, economy, and ecosystem of Louisiana Coastal Communities.

  1. Evaluation

    Institutional Sustainability of Smallholder Water Systems for Productive Use

    An examination of the sustainability of smallholder irrigation systems supported by Oxfam in Ethiopia, and recommendations for sustainable management.

  1. Research

    R4 Rural Resilience Initiative

    Quarterly report | October - December 2013

  1. Brief

    Loaded Guns and Empty Stomachs

    Fixing a food crisis and preventing a catastrophe in South Sudan

  1. Tools for activists

    International Women's Day 2014 Action Guide

    Resources for Oxfam America volunteers

  1. Fast publication

    Economists letter on excessive speculation

    461 Economists call for urgent action against excessive speculation on food commodities

  1. Brochure

    The power of women entrepreneurs

    Countless women around the world are building successful small businesses. But the odds against women entrepreneurs in many countries can be staggering. Through a new program--Women in Small Enterprise, or WISE--Oxfam and its partners aim to help women in Latin America and the Caribbean realize their full economic potential.

  1. Book

    From Poverty to Power, 2nd Edition

    How active citizens and effective states can change the world.