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  1. Evaluation

    Etude Sur Le Programme Mico-Epargne Communitaire Epargner Pour Le Changement (EPC) Au Senegal: Rapport Final

    L’objectif qui est assigné à cette recherche est de recueillir des informations sur les aspects de mise en œuvre, les succès, les défis et l’impact rapporté du projet Epargner pour le Changement (EPC) au Sénégal.

  2. Evaluation

    Ensuring Continued Success: Saving for Change in Older Program Areas in Mali

    This study explores the older Saving for Change groups in Mali in detail, with an emphasis on several areas including: impacts of the program, descriptions of non-members, the degree of saturation of the program, group survival over time, collective projects that members engage in, any linkages to other MFI's or other NGO's, and SfC associations that form from the smaller groups.

  3. Evaluation

    Saving for Change in Guatemala: Baseline Study

    Saving for Change started in Guatemala in early 2010 and this baseline was carried out to measure the impact of the program in future years.

  4. Evaluation

    Saving for Change Program Assessment in El Salvador

    This report covers the Saving for Change Program assessment in El Salvador. The report is available in English and Spanish.

  5. Evaluation

    Saving for Change Research Study in Banteay Mean Chey and Kampot Provices: Phase 2 Comparative Analysis

    The purpose of this study is to record the progress of a number of Saving for Change (SfC) group members against several key areas and compare the results to the SfC Round 1 data in order to identify and attribute program impact.

  6. Evaluation

    Saving for Change's Research Study in Benteay Mean Chey and Kampot Provices: Baseline Report

    The purpose of this research study is to examine the current Saving for Change operations and impact of the RACHA program in Cambodia, and to conduct a baseline study.