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  1. Evaluation

    Evaluation of the SEAES Project in Ethiopia 2010 - 2015

    An end-line evaluation of the Strengthening Ethiopian Agricultural Extension System’s (SEAES) Project

  2. Evaluation

    Evaluation of the Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) Program

    An external evaluation of the first three years of Oxfam’s Global Leaders Empowered to Alleviate Poverty (LEAP) programs funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  3. Evaluation

    Accountability through Active Citizenship: Improving Petroleum Governance in Ghana, Mozambique and Tanzania

    A baseline evaluation of the NORAD program objectives

  4. Evaluation

    Decent Work Program Evaluation in the U.S.

    An external evaluation of the evolution and results of Oxfam’s Decent Work Program during its first five years (2009-2014).

  5. Evaluation

    Measuring Resilience: HARITA/R4 Case Study

    This study presents lessons from the design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation methodologies of HARITA/R4 Rural Resilience Initiative.

  6. Evaluation

    Bringing Innovation to Scale

    A synthesis of learning from four projects of the Economic Innovations Incentives Fund.

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