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    Solidarity with Syrians

    The arrival of tens of thousands of Syrians to Europe’s borders and the shocking deaths of women, children and men on their perilous journey has been a sharp reminder to the international community of the tragedy engulfing the people of Syria. Syrians put themselves and their families at so much risk only out of sheer desperation.

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    Entering Uncharted Waters: El Niño and the threat to food security

    Millions of poor people face hunger and poverty this year and next because of droughts and erratic rains as global temperatures reach new records, and because of the onset of a powerful El Niño – the climate phenomenon that develops in the tropical Pacific and brings extreme weather to several regions of the world.

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    Yemen: Struggling to Break the Fast

    Yemen is a pressure cooker that is reaching its critical point. Attacked from the air, from the ground and cut off by land, sea and air -- Yemenis are in desperate need and have nowhere to go.

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    Show Us The Money!

    Five years since Dodd-Frank, Section 1504 is still unfinished and $1.5 trillion went to developing countries for oil with limited transparency

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    For human dignity: The World Humanitarian Summit and the challenge to deliver

    The UN Secretary-General has called the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016 ‘to make humanitarian action fit for the future'. Tens of millions of people receive humanitarian aid every year, but millions more suffer without adequate help and protection, and their number is relentlessly rising.

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    Money Talks: Africa at the G7

    Africa is among the world’s fastest-growing continents, but the rich world is reaping the rewards of this growth, as billions of dollars a year flow out of Africa.

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