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    Hanging by a Thread: The ongoing threat to Somalia’s remittance lifeline

    As Somali families visit their local money transfer office to pick up money from relatives in Minneapolis, Toronto, London, Melbourne, Nairobi, Copenhagen, or elsewhere, they are hoping that this is not the month that their funds fail to arrive. Money transfer operators (MTOs) estimate that over 80 percent of the start-up capital for small businesses in Somalia is sent by the diaspora. Money received from abroad is also used to meet basic needs, including food, water, shelter, and education. Additionally, most remittance recipients provide support to poorer relatives.

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    Wealth: Having it all and wanting more

    Global wealth is increasingly being concentrated in the hands of a small wealthy elite.

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    Ebola and the private sector

    Bolstering the response and West African economies.

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    Resettlement of refugees from Syria

    Increased commitments needed from international community in Geneva.

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    Breaking the Standoff: Post-2020 climate finance in the Paris agreement

    Climate finance is fundamental to a fair and effective global climate agreement. Too few countries have delivered on their obligations. As a result the world’s poorest people have not benefited from the necessary investment, and climate finance has been a major obstacle to achieving a global climate change agreement. A new approach that recognizes the failings of the current regime and is better informed by needs and opportunities at the national level can break the current standoff and trigger a collaborative effort that delivers effective investment at scale in both mitigation and adaptation. This, along with ambitious emissions reduction pledges by developed countries, is key to success in the 2015 Paris climate negotiations.

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    Behind closed doors: The risk of denying women a voice in determining Afghanistan's future

    Women’s rights have been held up as one of the most tangible gains of the international intervention in Afghanistan.

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