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    Walking the Talk

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    Syria Crisis Fair Share Analysis 2015

    The numbers of people in need as a result of the conflict in Syria continues to rise, but the international humanitarian response has not kept pace. The donor conference in Kuwait on 31 March 2015 is an opportunity to reverse that trend and put Syrian civilians first.

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    Trust builder: Catherine Mulaga

    A civil society leader fights to restore dialogue between public officials and citizens in Tanzania.

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    Media mogul: Alfred Sirleaf

    In the wake of Ebola, Liberia’s “Daily Talk is about keeping everyone in the system on their toes and aware of what is happening.”

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    Truth seeker: Gabriela Ayerdi

    A rural community in Guatemala is accompanied as citizens unearth and confront corruption in their midst.

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    Fiscal hawk: Albert Kan-Dapaah

    A former cabinet minister (and certified public accountant) joins civil society to fight corruption in Ghana.

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