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    R4 Rural Resilience Initiative

    Quarterly Report | April - June 2015

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    Humanitarian key facts

    Oxfam is one of the world’s leading providers of aid in humanitarian emergencies. In 2014–15, it supported more than 8 million people in crisis.

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    Ready for gold?: Haiti backgrounder

    Assessing Haiti’s governance and regulatory capacity for large-scale mining

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    Somali solutions: Creating conditions for a gender-just peace

    This report looks at Somali women’s experiences with conflict, peace, violence, insecurity and state rebuilding.

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    Turning the humanitarian system on its head: Saving lives and livelihoods by strengthening local capacity and shifting leadership to local actors

    The global humanitarian system is overstretched; inadequately investing in risk reduction and prevention, and providing assistance that is often insufficient, inappropriate and late.

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    Community voice in human rights impact assessments

    Human rights impact assessments (HRIAs) are intended to minimize human rights risks, lessen adverse impacts, and strengthen positive outcomes of business investments on affected populations. For an HRIA to fulfill this purpose, it must consider the perspectives of everyone affected by a company’s operations, project, products, or services. But all too often, companies ignore this critical input, instead opting for top-down tools that fail to capture communities’ assertions. In doing so, they forfeit the opportunity to minimize human rights violations and costly conflicts.

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