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    The Indian Ocean tsunami, 10 years on

    The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was a pivotal moment for the humanitarian sector; many lessons were learned and the humanitarian system was strengthened as a result.

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    Working poor families in America

    Over 60 million Americans live in working families that struggle to survive on low wages.

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    Going in the right direction? Tracking adaptation finance at the subnational level

    The Adaptation Finance Accountability Initiative (AFAI) project seeks to improve accountability around adaptation finance. It does so by promoting the development and use of tracking tools, to collect evidence of where adaptation funds are going and the ease with which stakeholders can access information on adaptation projects. Both are important aspects of accountability. The aim is to help civil society organisations (CSOs) hold donors and governments to account on adaptation money being spent.

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    Unblocking Bottlenecks to Effective Resource Revenue Management in Peru

    Oxfam America is working to examine and address issues that limit progress toward alleviating poverty in countries with large extractive industries (EI). Peru’s canon minero program requires distribution of substantial EI tax revenues to regional and local governments, yet social gains are inconsistent across the country.

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    From Paycheck to Pantry: Hunger in Working America

    Food insecurity is a reality for millions of Americans every year. Some turn to the government for food assistance; some turn to private food charities. And while many of us think of those using food banks as destitute or homeless, the reality is much different.

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    Drivers of Economic Inequality

    The Drivers of Economic Inequality: A primer

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