Invest aid locally—where it lasts

Alfred Sirleaf, citizen journalist and founder of The Daily Talk, gives comment on current events in Liberia - including the deadly Ebola outbreak - via a blackboard newspaper on a busy intersection in Monrovia, Liberia in July 2014. AP Photo/Jonathan Paye-Layleh

US foreign aid works best as a tool in the hands of the right local leaders—those who stand up for accountability, make demands of government, and get results.

Freedom defender: Sorn Ramana

A proposed cybercrime law in Cambodia would limit the voice of everyday citizens, but people like Sorn Ramana are fighting for basic rights like free speech.

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Fiscal hawk: Albert Kan-Dapaah

As Ghana negotiated a bailout from the IMF, civil society leaders like Albert Kan-Dapaah demanded a national dialogue on fiscal discipline – to make sure citizens’ voices were heard.

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Learn more about making foreign aid more effective

To fight corruption, localize aid. Read the report.

Americans don’t want their foreign aid to be lost to corruption—or worse, to fuel corruption. But traditional top-down, donor-driven approaches have failed to deliver lasting results. The US needs new ways to help people hold their governments accountable. Read more.

More stories of people building accountability in their nations and neighborhoods

MEDIA MOGUL Alfred Sirleaf, founder of Liberia’s Daily Talk, describes his chalkboard newspaper as "keeping everyone in the system on their toes and aware of what is happening” in the wake of Ebola. Read the feature story or download the briefing note.

INTEGRITY IDOL Gyan Mani Nepal sets a course for school reforms in Nepal (and becomes a national celebrity along the way!) Read more.

LEGAL EXPERT Jacqueline Musiitwa says “Reforms bring hope in Africa’s pursuit of equitable growth.” Read more.

BELTWAY OUTSIDER Martha Kwataine is protecting the health of people in rural communities across Malawi. Read more, download the briefing note, or see Kwataine’s op-ed on The Hill's Congress Blog, “Foreign Aid: A Beltway Outsider Perspective.”

PEACE NEGOTIATOR Delia Salminang is ending conflict and violence in the Philippines. Read more or download the briefing note.

TRANSPARENCY CRUSADER Alexis Nkurunziza is making budgets in Rwanda more transparent. Read more or download the briefing note.

COMMUNITY LEADER Majeda Begum Shiru is enabling women to speak powerfully to improve health and education in Bangladesh. Read more or download the briefing note.

VENTURE CAPITALIST Emiliana Aligaesha is leveraging a tiny investment of US foreign aid to ensure the success of an early-stage, high-potential startup. Read more or download the briefing note.

JOB CREATOR Kojo Kondua IV is training fishermen and protect jobs and the environment in Abuesi, Ghana. Read more or download the briefing note.

FISCAL HAWK Manuel Dominguez is budgeting for a sound future for his community in the Peruvian Amazon. Read more or download the briefing note.

TAX TRUSTEE Michael Otieno is empowering his fellow Kenyans to keep tabs on their tax dollars and to ensure their public officials make the grade. Read more. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+