UN warns Ebola could infect 10,000 people per week—unless we act now
Farmer holding rice in Cambodia. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam.

Food, farming, and hunger

Fighting hunger means, first and foremost, making sure that people can access the food they need. But Oxfam’s GROW campaign also aims to address the root causes of hunger by bringing people together to challenge injustice.

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Man walking near Sadiola Hill gold mine pit in Mali. Photo: Brett-Eloff/Oxfam America

Natural resources and rights

Many poor countries face a resource curse: They should be rich, but because they rely heavily on resources like oil and gold, they suffer from poverty, corruption, social unrest, and human rights violations.

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Workshop in Sri Lanka.

Making aid work

We can't afford to let Congress cut lifesaving foreign assistance - it's working. But sixty years of foreign aid also show that international donors alone cannot fix the problems of developing countries.

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