Invest in change: Join Oxfam100

Oxfam100 is a vital three-year initiative to create lasting solutions to hunger, poverty, and injustice by providing 100 or more of our most committed donors a chance to expand three key programs.

By joining Oxfam100, you are investing in the power of people to help themselves—a strategy that deeply values each individual’s potential and aims to achieve lasting change by tackling the root causes of poverty. Your investment of $5,000 or more for each of three years will continue our steady advance on poverty. As a member of Oxfam100, you will sustain the following programs:

Supporting small farmers


Key to solving world hunger are the small farmers who produce the majority of what the world eats. With targeted investments, we can help these small farmers—particularly women—help themselves as they increasingly engage in effective national food production.

How can your investment help?

Investing in agriculture can make an enormous difference in the lives of individual farmers, their families, and their communities. In Ethiopia, for example, the grain banks Oxfam has supported are helping farmers to keep a reserve for times of hunger while allowing them to develop new markets for their surpluses. We need you to help us carry this life-changing work forward. With your investment, we can continue to support projects like:

• Developing peer-to-peer agricultural training for women in West Africa
• Building more local irrigation systems in Ethiopia
• Helping small farmers in Vietnam and Cambodia to increase rice yields and earn a better income

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Saving for Change


No one is too poor to save. That’s the key idea behind Oxfam’s transformative Saving for Change initiative—a community finance program that has now seen 584,000 members join savings groups in five countries. For many vulnerable people, especially women, participation in a savings group has given them not only unprecedented financial opportunities but a new sense of self-confidence and place in their communities. Now, the program is poised to boost women’s crucial expertise in business, citizenship, and agriculture. It’s an investment with long-term gains aimed at giving women the skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

How can your investment help?

We need you to help us enhance innovative financial service programs for women using Saving for Change as the platform. With your investment, we can continue to offer:

• New initiatives, like the sewing workshops in El Salvador

• Business and citizenship training to help women run microeconomic projects

• Agricultural training for women to improve food security in their communities

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Saving lives


With natural disasters on the rise, we have a critical new mission here at Oxfam. Our goal is to provide skills and expertise to communities most vulnerable to catastrophes so that, with their governments, they can lead their own emergency response efforts. With this objective, we intend to set the global standard for quality humanitarian response. Ours is a vision driven not just by facts, but by our commitment to what is just. We believe that helping communities protect themselves and their assets and helping them become strong advocates for their rights can help break the grip of poverty on lives.

How can your investment help?

Oxfam has proven success in helping communities develop their capacity to prepare for and respond to natural disasters. We will use your investment to:

• Help transition leadership during emergencies to local governments and citizens. This process includes meeting and collaborating with government officials to map out the current abilities of local communities and to identify the gaps. Ultimately, the goal is for countries to have their own effective, funded, and active emergency response and preparedness plans.

• Influence governments to help create this vital change in our humanitarian response system.

• Help local aid agencies build the preparedness, response, and recovery capacity of the communities in the countries in which we work.

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