Saving lives

All too often, poor communities have too few resources to respond to disasters and even fewer to rebuild. That’s wrong. We believe all people deserve to live safely.

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Nepal, one year later: your support in action

Thanks to your support, we are continuing to work with local people, our partner organizations, and the government to ensure that Nepal builds back stronger than before.


Suyapa Maldonado: a lifelong struggle for justice

Since she was a child, Suyapa Maldonado has made fighting for the most vulnerable her core mission—and not even hurricanes and the most powerful El Niño on record will make her waiver.

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A looming banking crisis in Yemen risks pushing millions into famine

Thursday marks a year of devastating conflict in Yemen, where an impending banking crisis now threatens millions of lives. Despite the fact that it is one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, the conflict has had little media coverage and the global response remains insufficiently funded. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+