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  1. Cascade High School's FFA Oxfam America Hunger Banquet

    Cascade High School's FFA is challenging the Willamette Valley to learn about global hunger. They are sponsoring an Oxfam America Hunger Banquet® for the community to participate in a banquet demonstrating global stratification and the food inequalities that come with it. There will be the opportunity to discuss food justice and change your perspectives of poverty issues.

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  2. Oxfam America Hunger Banquet at Kutztown

    Join Oxfam America @ KU for an evening of poverty awareness and education. Learn more about Oxfam America and how YOU can right the wrongs of hunger, poverty, and social injustice. FREE dinner to all students, faculty, staff, and community members

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  3. Student Involvement Network & Oxfam America Hunger Banquet

    The Student Involvement Network present the OxFam America Hunger Banquet. This is an Interactive Discussion about the community and global issues regarding hunger.

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  4. University of Maryland Oxfam America Hunger Banquet

    Learn what it's like to live in poverty and join us for UMD's first annual Oxfam America Hunger Banquet! We will have multiple guest speakers to talk about local volunteer opportunities and issues facing those living in poverty and without a home.

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  5. ICB Wayland Oxfam America Hunger Banquet

    The Islamic Center of Boston's youth group is hosting an Oxfam America Hunger Banquet®.

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    House Starz Music Fest is a bigmulti cultural and genre music event which consist of Celebrity Appearances and only the best independent music from around our nation. Join us a we celebrate to bring good hopes to Oxfam America, which we will have MTV ARTISTS Rocca 4.0 has donated 50% off sales off his new single Nickles and Dimes to help out in the starting line up

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